June 17, 2020

Video Coverage Of Your Wedding With Our Drone

In addition to your wedding day photographs, at The Two Wedding Photographers we can also provide a 4 – 5-minute video compilation of all the best parts of your big day for wedding photography and videography in Hertfordshire. This also includes drone videography, which is undertaken by Fran Radford. He is a fully qualified drone pilot with a licence to fly commercially from the Civil Aviation Authority and is also fully insured to fly the drone. This is essential at a wedding and many venues will want to see proof of coverage before giving permissions to fly. https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-industry/Aircraft/Unmanned-aircraft/Small-drones/Permissions-and-exemptions-for-commercial-work-involving-small-unmanned-aircraft-and-drones/

It has to be understood that drone videography is weather-dependent. The drone is an electronic machine and cannot fly in wet weather or in high winds. Furthermore, the drone cannot fly indoors due to the noise it emits, so you cannot have an aerial shot of the groom putting the ring on the bride’s finger in the church or venue. Of course, we can use the drone if the wedding ceremony takes place outdoors.   But be mindful as we never want to take the attention away from the ceremony itself.

There is also the matter of site restrictions. Most venues will allow the flying of drones, but they may well restrict the area to just where the proceedings are taking place. For example, you may have your reception at a golf club, and want to have aerial shots during cocktail hour, between the ceremony and the reception. The club is not likely to let you have your drone flying over other people who are out on the golf course.

However, with those provisos out of the way, drone videography can add an extra level of enjoyment to what is the biggest day of your lives. You can have some superb shots of your guests mingling on the lawn, and at the same time it will give you a little breathing space because attention will be drawn away from you. Most people love to watch the drones at work.

You can have aerial views of anything that takes place outside, so while you pose for still shots with the father and mother of the bride and groom, the bride with her bridesmaids, and so on, at the same time you can have an aerial view of everything that is taking place.

Yet another advantage of hiring The Two Wedding Photographers for your wedding day is that while Fran is taking the aerial shots, Karen will be on the ground taking stills, or could also be taking video shots at ground level. We can organise things in whichever way you wish, which is one of the reasons that we need to meet you and get to know you more in order to have everything set up perfectly for the day.

As you can imagine, with the amount of years that we have been working together, we have experience of working at a lot of the venues in and around Hertfordshire and beyond, but if we have not been to a venue before always visit it beforehand in order to prepare accordingly. We need to understand the layout, the lighting conditions, and more. For example, the lighting in some churches can be quite low so we need to ensure that we have all the right equipment with us.

A typical day of wedding photography and videography in Hertfordshire may start with stills or video of the bridal party preparing and also the groom. We like to get shots of the guests arriving at the venue for the ceremony and, of course, the groom, followed by the arrival of the bride. Then there is the ceremony itself, followed by the formals and wedding breakfast. After that, there is the first dance and evening celebrations, and if you have booked the videography option, we can include video messages from the wedding guests. The video compilation when we have edited it will run for between four and five minutes. https://thetwoweddingphotographers.com/videography

If you want to book The Two Wedding Photographers for your wedding, it is a good idea to talk to us as early as possible. The fact is that we only do one wedding a week during the summer months, and we do tend to get booked up, so the sooner you contact us the better.

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