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The Two Photographers are Fran Radford & Karen Grace. We have been photographing together since 2012, creating stunning photos with a natural mix of spontaneous and softly posed photography. We have wedding clients spanning Hertfordshire, The Home Counties, Europe and as far afield as Australia.

Making you feel at ease on your wedding day is paramount. We want to reassure you that you're in safe hands with us and our years of experience guiding wedding couples through their day.
We want your wedding photography to reflect how you feel about each other, how you celebrate with your family and friends, all in the knowledge that your memories will be captured beautifully for you to treasure for years to come.

Our elegant yet fun style takes cues from lifestyle and candid photography that we derive from using a mixture of either natural light or flash to create stunning imagery that gives a timeless look to our photography.  

We hope you enjoy looking through our gallery and if you would like to discuss any details about your upcoming wedding day, please get in touch.


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karen grace

fran radford

Karen is an established Photographer with extensive experience in documenting elegant Wedding photography in and around Hertfordshire. 
Her creative background began in Australia studying design and photography before embarking on her travels across Europe and the UK.

Once settled in the UK, she managed a successful Photography Studio in Hertfordshire for 5 years. Karen’s work is regularly featured in national and regional press titles. ​

Fran has been a London based professional photographer for a number of years. A majority of his time has been spent in the advertising industry working around the world for well known clients in the fashion, technology and FMCG sector including Burberry, Sony, De Beers, and Apple.
Fran believes in using technology that enhances creative photography. This has led him to introduce videography services for a number of our couples as well as becoming a fully CAA approved drone pilot, enabling him to capture that unique Wedding Day content.

A burgeoning wedding trend observed for 2024 involves the resurgence of the wedding dress code. Searches for 'wedding dress codes' have surged by 52%, with 320 monthly searches currently recorded.
Couples are now opting to set specific dress codes for their guests, aiming to define a particular aesthetic for their wedding. Whether it's a laid-back, casual dress code with no obligation to dress up or a formal affair requiring full black-tie attire, couples are taking a more intentional approach to curate the visual ambiance of their special day.

Wedding Dress Codes

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Preserving the precious moments of your wedding is crucial for immortalising the memories of your significant day. The landscape of wedding photography and videography has transformed, producing visually striking and emotionally compelling images and videos.
An emerging trend gaining widespread popularity involves embracing candid photography and documentary-style videography. Instead of orchestrated and posed scenes, couples are gravitating towards spontaneous and natural moments that authentically embody the spirit of their wedding day. This approach facilitates the creation of genuine and heartfelt images that narrate a distinctive story.

Wedding Photography and Videography Trends

Beyond the rise of candid photography, another notable trend in wedding videography is the incorporation of aerial shots using drone footage. This innovative approach offers a bird's-eye perspective of your wedding venue, guests and wedding couple, allowing for the capture of the grandeur and beauty of your special day from a unique vantage point. From expansive landscapes to enchanting aerial views of wedding confetti, these drone shots infuse a cinematic touch, adding a dash of magic to your wedding video.