May 4, 2020

Two Wedding Photographers Instead Of One?

This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. What is the benefit of having two photographers at my wedding rather than one?

The answer which springs to mind with many people is that they will get more photographs from their big day. This is probably true in most cases, but even so there is a limit to the number of photographs. You can only produce a certain amount from one wedding. Even if you had three or four photographers on site. Furthermore, a single photographer could easily increase the numbers by keeping some images that may not be up to scratch. After all, even the best photographer is going to take some images that just don’t work.

Indeed, a good photographer will fire off quite a lot of shots that they may instinctively think won’t make the grade on the sound basis that they can sort the wheat from the chaff at leisure later on. Better to have some lesser shots and throw them away with hindsight rather than not have them at all and miss out on some potentially great shots.

We complement each other

Two photographers working together, as we do at The Two Wedding Photographers (the clue is in the name!) can produce a greater diversity of shots than one working alone. This is especially true in our case as we have been working together for so many years that we each instinctively know where the other one is and what he or she is doing so that we can complement each other in the way that we work.

Here is another vital point

If you only have one photographer, he or she can only be in one place at any given moment and only look in one direction. When you have two photographers, they can be in two different places and look in different directions. It may seem obvious when you stop to think about it, but it is true. This means that we can cover more of your wedding and capture candid shots that would otherwise have been missed.This is because something funny may happen on one side of the reception venue which cannot be seen elsewhere.

There are certain things that can only be captured by having two photographers. A single photographer may be photographing the bride getting ready but cannot photograph the groom at the same time. One photographer may be taking your portrait photos but cannot be taking shots of the guests at the same time. He or she cannot be in two places at once. The fact is that at any wedding there are things taking place in different areas. Sometimes, just having a different angle puts a different perspective on things. A shot of the groom putting the ring on the bride’s finger can be taken from two angles.

Then there may be issues with lighting conditions. It may be necessary to add some additional lighting to take some shots. A single photographer may be able to run about adjusting lighting. This takes time, and while they are doing that, they can’t be taking photographs. 

We’ve got you covered

Then, of course, there is the back-up plan. If you only have one photographer booked, what happens if they are involved in a car accident? You can’t cancel your wedding because the photographer didn’t show up, no matter what the reason. When you book The Two Photographers, we have comprehensive insurance that covers you for up to £30,000 if we can’t make your wedding in the event of an accident.

So when you are searching for “local wedding photographers near me” those are just some of the reasons for hiring The Two Wedding Photographers rather than just “A” wedding photographer. Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements, and if you are happy make a booking with us for your special day.

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