July 14, 2020

Two Wedding Photographers Can Be In Two Places At Once

If you are planning your wedding now that lockdown has eased up, there are an awful lot of things to take into consideration. There is the venue to think about, and your choice will depend partly upon the number of guests that you are going to invite. Some venues only cater for smaller parties, whereas some of the bigger country houses can take up to a couple of hundred for a seated meal. So, the larger your party, the less choice you have.

You also have to take into consideration your budget. A wedding can be a fairly small private affair, but even so you can easily run through a couple of thousand pounds, while the larger weddings can quite easily go through £20,000. While it would be lovely to have a wedding with no expense spared, the majority of families have to live in the real world, and that means keeping the spending down to a manageable proportion.

Furthermore, we have been through lockdown and that has meant that some families have had less income, despite the 80% help from the government. In fact, that should not affect overall income because, although some people think that their income is down by 20%, so also are their expenses. If you don’t have to travel to work you are cutting down the use of the car, so won’t need a service so often, and you use almost no petrol or diesel. That in itself is a big help.

Overall, things should work out about the same, and now that lockdown is easing many people are able to get back to work, while other companies have found that their staff can work just as well remotely, so they will hardly ever have to go into the office. Maybe just for the Christmas party! Without all that commuting, they could actually be better off. It certainly saves all that sitting in queues of traffic. So if you are planning your wedding later in the year – or even in 2021 – you should be able to ensure that you can have it the way you always wanted to have it.

At The Two Wedding Photographers, we are very familiar with weddings of all sorts of different sized parties and a lot of the different venues around London and the Home Counties. We know that you will want almost endless photographs of the ceremony and reception, and more, and we provide them on a USB flash drive with up to 600 images, and a 10” x 10” Queensbury Album with a silk buckram or leather cover in a wide choice of colours with your selection of about 60 images.


Not only do we provide all the still photos, but we can also produce a fully edited video of four to five minutes in length that captures all the highlights of your special day, including aerial shots! Yes, our photographer, Fran Radford, is not only a cameraman of many years’ experience, but he is also a fully qualified drone pilot who is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly. So you can have video of your wedding highlights from a perspective that has never been available until very recently unless you were prepared to hire a helicopter – and not very many couples have done that!

If you are searching on Google for “wedding photographers near me” as many couples do, and you live in Herts, Bucks, Beds, or even further away, then at The Two Wedding Photographers we can oblige. Indeed, we are happy to travel and have even been known to fly abroad in order to cover a wedding.

People do sometimes ask why they need two wedding photographers when surely one would be enough? Well, some couples do settle for one photographer, but they are going to miss out on a lot of shots for the very simple reason that a photographer cannot be in two places at once.

When you hire us to take your wedding photographs you do, indeed, get both of us. That means that while one of us is taking your posed shots and family shots, for example, the other is roaming among the guests and is perfectly poised to catch all those candid shots of your guests partying. You cannot get that with one photographer, which is one of the chief reasons that we work together. With us, you don’t miss a thing, because we can be in two places at once!

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