August 10, 2020

The Two Wedding Photographers. Local Photographers Near You

If you are searching on Google for “local wedding photographers near me”, then the Two Wedding Photographers – Karen Grace and Fran Radford – are indeed near you if you are anywhere near Herts, Beds, Bucks, Middx, or in North London. In addition, we go further afield and do travel abroad, but we are based in Abbots Langley in Herts and most of our work is withing 30 or 40 miles or so.

We have been working together photographing weddings for a considerable number of years and that means that each of us knows how the other one thinks, which is great when you are taking photographs where there are a lot of people and you want to get as many different shots as you can.

Let’s face it, your wedding day is a one-off, and your wedding photographs are, quite literally, a snapshot of the day and everything that happened that you can treasure and enjoy for the rest of your lives. Because it is a one-off there are no second chances, so we have to capture all of those different moments between us.

Some people do ask why they would need two wedding photographers. Surely one will do, so why pay for two? Certainly, if your budget is limited, then one wedding photographer is a lot better than friends and family taking photos on their iPhones. You will get professionally taken photographs rather than amateur, and there is a huge difference.

As a comparison, let’s look at having your home re-wired. You would be very unlikely to ask your Uncle Bob to come round and do it because he is “a bit of a handyman”. It is something that you need a professional for because it has to be done right and there are no second chances. The same thing applies to your wedding photographs.

Local wedding photographers

But why two wedding photographers? Well, we’ve said this before, but it is so true: one wedding photographer cannot be in two places at once. He can only be in one place and looking one way whereas (you can see this coming, can’t you?) two wedding photographers can be in two places and looking in two different directions!

So, for example, one of us may be taking the formal posed family shots which may take a half hour or more. Meanwhile there are things going on among all the other guests who are mingling around other parts of the venue, and indeed could be 100 yards away if you are using one of the venues that has an outdoor location. When you have the two of us it means that we can catch a lot of those candid shots of things happening in different parts of the venue that you simply could not get with one photographer.

Furthermore, let’s suppose you want photographs of the bride preparing for the big day early in the morning and also photographs of the groom doing the same. One of us will be in the bride’s home and the other in the groom’s. Or perhaps you want some shots of the bridesmaids doing the same. Not possible with one photographer.

In addition, we have many years of experience of photographing in all the main venues around the north of London and the Home Counties such as Tewin Bury Farm, The Grove, Hunton Park, Denham Grove, Donnington Grove, and many more. So we know where to be and where some fun things may happen and we can plan accordingly. Believe it or not, there is a lot of planning involved: we don’t just turn up on the day and start snapping around!

Then there is all the work that goes on in the studio after the big day is over. In most cases, we put in more hours in the studio than we do in the venue on the day because our aim is to produce an album and private online gallery for your family and friends to view that will last forever.

So we hope that has helped you understand a little more about us and why, and how, we do what we do.

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