April 28, 2020


The advent of drone wedding video has revolutionised what we can now capture on a couples wedding day. In the old days before Karen and I had our drone licence we would have to drag around a ladder. Or even dangle precariously from a hotel balcony to get the all essential ‘group shot’. We did have a few scares and almost certainly flaunted a few health and safety laws in our time. There was only so much you could capture due to the height limitations of the ladder or balcony.

Drone Wedding Video that’s right for you!

When it came to videography, we could never get that beautiful sweeping shot of the venue or the overhead shot of the couple leaving the church in their beautiful car. You just couldn’t ever get that ‘amazing’ angle. You could only ever get that ‘WOW’ factor on movies, in TV. Or if you hired a helicopter to get an aerial shot. Which would blow the wedding day budget (and some). 

But that was all in the past… 

Our drone videography is used in a variety of ways in both the UK and abroad. We use our drones to capture a tender embrace between a couple from up above. When we take them for their couple shots. We can now get a perspective that we just couldn’t get before. 

Instead of a traditional ‘standard group shot’ we can now arrange all their family and friends into a heart shape. Then film it from above and pan in to see the crowd and the happy couple in pin sharp HD. 

We can now incorporate drone footage into our wedding videos. Coupled with beautiful shots using our steady cam to create a beautiful wedding video for our couples to cherish forever.

We’ve had our drone licence for over 2 years now and our permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ensure that we are fully accredited and trained in both flight and crowd safety.  Find out more here

This helps us in our planning phase to ensure we comply with the strict UK laws regarding drone flying. We always speak to our couples’ venue to confirm they allow drone wedding video. Once we have the go-ahead, we conduct a site survey to ensure health and safety compliance. 

We’ve got you covered

Our insurance covers us for up to £2,000,000 of liability and we supply our couples venue with our certificate and drone pilot licence. 

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Drone Wedding Video

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